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Can Wisdom teeth Grow back?

Can wisdom teeth grow back?

A dentist may hear this question from patient of wisdom teeth who just got it removed. The whole experience of wisdom teeth extraction is never a pleasant one. It involves a lot of pain, if you got more than one wisdom tooth the pain be even more. It is pretty obvious that you will never want to go through this phase and ask the doctor, “Can wisdom teeth grow back? ”
In short, No the wisdom teeth cannot grow back after removal.
Your surgeon must have taken an X-ray and knows what is exactly going on there before performing wisdom teeth extraction. So when you are being operated then there is no chance that wisdom teeth is growing back. So can wisdom teeth grow back? Nope, it can not.

Can wisdom teeth grow back? Are you having pain where wisdom teeth used to be?


Sometimes what happens is that typically we humans grow 4 wisdom teeth. The dentist must have seen them in Xray. And you have removed just one, there is a chance that another wisdom teeth is growing in. Your wisdom teeth is not regrowing but it is a new one which takes up the same place. It is an extra wisdom teeth, if you want to call it an extra wisdom teeth. Many are known to have more than one and removed each one of them. As per Colgate one or two people in every 100 may encounter additional teeth/ supernumerary teeth or extra wisdom teeth.


Can wisdom teeth grow back in after removal – The Puzzle


This is professionally known as supernumerary wisdom teeth. What happens is that you get an extra wisdom teeth in the same place of the old one! It is a new guy at the old ones space but you always wonder that the wisdom teeth is regrowing.

So can wisdom teeth grow back in after removal? No but a new tooth can emerge in its place. After wisdom teeth removal it may take a while for the new guy to show up and you get the wisdom teeth symptoms and we patients are bound to think that the wisdom teeth is growing back in after removal.


Now you know that it was the supernumerary wisdom teeth

They are late bloomers, they may take a few years to show up and are common to the upper jaw. supernumerary wisdom teeth lie dormant as they got no space to grow so once your removed the obstacle (the wisdom teeth) they start to grow in. All the wisdom teeth symptoms are same with these supernumerary wisdom teeth and you make sure to visit your dentist for a check up.


What is the cause of HYPERDONTIA?


Having supernumerary teeth is known as hyperdontia. Basically it is a teeth which appears additionally to the regular number of teeth. And it is also very much possible that you get supernumerary wisdom teeth. And this just makes us ask Can wisdom teeth grow back.

The number of primary teeth is 20 and the person who has hyperdontia is someone who developers more than 20 primary teeth. The additional teeth are referred as supernumerary teeth. OR some call them extra wisdom teeth.

Pain where wisdom teeth used to be?


Pain where wisdom teeth used to be is probably is not because of your wisdom teeth is growing back in. The reason for pain where wisdom teeth used to be could be because you might have some fragment of bone which were never left. Or you might be having an infection.


Now if there is any fragment left you should visit periodontist or oral surgeon. He will take an X-ray and fix you up accordingly. You may also check if your swelling gum and pain is caused by food that get stuck there. There could be some small opening where what you are eating is getting stuck and causing you pain.

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